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Website Designing is an Art

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Web design is all the thought put into creating a pleasant site to consult, thanks to two major components, the interface and the user experience. Here is a summary of what a web designing agency can do for you and your business website.

The objective of Your Website

Before starting anything, you must decide on the objective of your future website. What is the desired conversion? Is it to make sales or to express your thoughts?

Social Network

Although we attribute the term social network to giants such as Facebook and LinkedIn, thousands of social networks exist for all possible interests. It can be as much a dating site as a group of photography enthusiasts or even a forum.


A showcase shows who you are and what you do. Like a portfolio, a web designing company displays your company’s products and services to promote your business.


As our current reality is increasingly digital, online stores are highly recommended. This is where the transactional site comes into play. The transactional website is vital for any business because more and more people are buying online. They shop for prices online because they are often cheaper there, but mostly because your platform is open 24/7, available to the world, and will never call in sick.

Informal and Educational

Some platforms are for learning and offering online courses. This can be in a community like Skillshare, where professionals share their expertise or even an online university to obtain an official diploma.


Some sites put forward impressive techniques and mind-boggling visual designs. This type of website can win awards and build credibility in the fierce world of digital design.

User Interface (UI)


User Interface (UI) design has existed longer than the Internet we know today. In fact, the first arcade games had an interface to guide players through menus and options. Ergonomics and visuals have significantly evolved, but the goal remains the same. The interface of a website or application must be intuitive and ultimately convert the user to the desired destination. In other words, the interface allows communication between the human and your web platform. This aspect includes components such as colour, typography and shape.

The Colour

As in all graphic productions, colour is at the forefront of the creative process. Readability is more challenging on a screen medium; strong contrasts must help the reader. For example, there’s a reason why most social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are blue. On the one hand, this colour creates a soothing and relaxed atmosphere; on the other hand, it is the most effective colour for different types of colour blindness. Colour is also used to guide the user. That’s why we see call-to-action buttons contrasting with the rest of the page. The site suggests that you take the next step. This colourimetric process is mainly used for social network notifications, capturing the user’s attention and extending their visit to the platform.

The Typography

There are different aspects to consider when choosing a suitable typeface. It must harmonize well with your brand image and be as readable as possible by its shape and size. Another issue is the download speed. The font must appear in a fraction of a second and display appropriately on all Web browsers.

User Experience – UX

This portion of the design is vital and is the one that takes the most time to think about. These are the structure of the site or application, how the pages communicate together, and the organization of the sections. Even with the most beautiful visual in the world, your site will fail if the skeleton is poorly built. This portion is much more content-oriented and considers Internet users’ browsing habits. This creates a pleasant and facilitative experience for the person visiting your site who is looking for information or wishes to make a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

User experience starts with good SEO. Internet users looking for your site must find it quickly and efficiently using words related to your business. Several points are considered to position your site in search engines, including textual content, the number of visits and the bounce rate (retention).

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is essential. You have to know who is visiting you, their expectations and what they want to be able to offer to them without them having to search. The Internet user must also feel challenged by the visual aspect and be confident enough to take action towards the desired goal.


That’s about 50% of visitors who view your site via mobile. This slice of people must have as good of an experience as those visiting with a stationary desktop. This is why websites are now designed to have a different but optimal display on all possible screen sizes.

The texts

Copywriting for websites is special. It must first be constructive and relevant for the people who consult it. Second, it must talk to search engines so that they show you in search results. Some specialists are dedicated solely to writing web content and blog articles.

These little animations are both aesthetic and functional. At first glance, they complement the site’s visuals, adding a touch of surprise and life. Beyond this aspect, interaction is an element that helps understanding by making transitions between two states, following an action made by the user.

Web programming

Much of a website’s design is not visible. This is the programming language used to set up each element to create the visual atmosphere. Then, you must optimize your content to get you out in the search engines. In some cases, programming a console allowing you to update your content is also necessary. At Bsolutions India, we focus our efforts more on the visual aspect of the websites we work on. That’s why we do business with partners for this part of the creation to offer you the best!

In conclusion

Fixing a price for a website is not easy; it is also based on your needs and budget. The importance you devote to it will make the difference between an investment and an expense. Go to our portfolio to see our achievements in web design. Whether it is for a redesign or a new site, we are at your disposal for all your questions concerning this big step in the life of your business.

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