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5 Effective Content Marketing Strategies To Follow

If you work in marketing, surely you have heard dozens of times that content is king , a phrase that is repeated over and over again in any presentation or training related to digital marketing . It is true: content is a fundamental pillar to achieve the strategic objectives of any company and it is important that we focus on it to offer the greatest possible value to our users. If you want to know what content marketing is and that we teach you the best strategies to apply in your projects, this is your post.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique based on the creation, publication and distribution of relevant, useful and valuable content with the aim of attracting potential audiences to our brand or products. Also known as content marketing , it requires knowledge of the buyer persona to best target the needs of our different audiences.

To implement an optimal content marketing strategy, we must decide what knowledge we want to transmit to our target audience and through what formats , being the post of a corporate blog, downloadable resources, podcasts and the publication of regular videos on our channel. YouTube some of the most popular options.

Through content marketing we will create added value through which we will obtain greater business opportunities. As we explained a moment ago, it is important to know our audience as well as possible to discover what interests they have, what channels they consume and what are the topics that motivate them the most.

Although content strategy ( content strategy ) is often confused with content marketing ( content marketing ), the difference is easy: the strategy is the plan that makes content marketing effective , defining how to carry out that content , as well as when and how we will share them.

Content Marketing Benefits

Before starting content marketing, it is important that we know its main benefits. Let’s see the main ones:

  • Improves brand image : sharing useful content with users will affect the reputation and visibility of our company.
  • It is one of the cheapest and most profitable marketing strategies : you work organically with content creation experts who are often part of the company’s staff.
  • Improve your positioning in search engines .
  • It returns the focus to what is most important: the client . We should never forget that the user is the center. By creating content for it, we will remember it, adapting as best as possible to understanding it.
  • Consolidates the user-brand relationship : it is an excellent way to connect with the target audience and increase their engagement .
  • It is a very effective way to get leads and, therefore, sales in the medium term. That the search for the sale is always present in our contents is essential.

Content Marketing Strategies

Do you know how to apply content marketing in your business? That is probably the question you are asking yourself right now. Before going into the differences five strategies, we want you to be clear that the first thing you should do is define your objectives, as well as detect what your customers are looking for and in which social networks they usually spend time.

Defining if what you want to achieve are more conversations, subscriptions or reach will help you decide on some content or others . Why do you want to do content marketing and what do you want to achieve with it? Investigate what is being done in the market and, specifically, your main competitors, it will help you define a clear line of content. For what they do, but also for what they don’t, which could allow us to become a benchmark if we find a market niche in which to position ourselves.

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