Top SEO Company in India – BSolutions offers SEO Plans and Packages starting from $195-$495/M. Our Domain Knowledge and Experience in various business sectors has helped us deliver top search engine rankings for our clients. We offer customized SEO Plans and SEM Packages which are specific to your particular requirements.

We offer Multi-Lingual SEO Support in more than 50 Languages. Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational you can expect best results when you outsource your SEO services to Bsolutions. Contact us now for a free customized quote.

Generate More Traffic, Leads and Sales through our ROI-Focused SEO Services

SEO Optimization & SEM Marketing Plans starting from $195-$495/Month

SEO India

Our Experience

SEO Optimization - 10 Years
Adwords/PPC - 10 Years
Web Development SEO - 10 Years
Local Business SEO - 8 Years
Social Media Marketing - 5 Years

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Our Search Engine Optimization Experts have specialization in delivering top page rankings to our clients. Effective SE Positioning Services will help your customers to locate your website effectively and quickly which will bring more leads, sales and queries. Website Optimization for higher visibility on Google, Yahoo and Bing is one of the most effective investments which you can make to help grow your business better.  Get in touch with us for a customized quote and get a FREE On-page and Off-Page SEO Report.
Our Services

SEO Expert India – BSolutions provide effective Search Engine promotion and Internet Marketing services. Our SEO Promotion and Ranking specialists deliver top rankings for our clients in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Contact SEO India – BSolutions now for a free website review.

Our Expertise Areas
  1. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  2. PPC (Adwords/Bing Advertising)
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. SEO Friendly Web Design and Development

Local Business SEO Experts in India

  • Complete Local Business Audit
  • Building Creative Local Places Pages
  • Google+ Page Profile Optimization
  • Building Accurate Business Citations
  • NAP Consistency Check
  • Creating Right Social Media Signals from Google + and other social media sites.

10 Good Reasons to Choose BSolutions India

Website Design, Development, Maintenance and SEO Promotion Services

  • SEO India BSolutions follows a customized SEO Approach for each and every client. Every single business requires custom tailored made SEO approach.
  • You get full depth analysis of your website search engine rankings and our experts will help your website to gain top search engine rankings on popular search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • We follow Google Guidelines while delivering search engine promotion services and recommend changes to our client website so that it conforms to the guidelines set by Google and other search engines.
  • As an experienced Internet Marketing Firm in India we have worked with Clients from US, UK, Canada and Australia. We offer our services to small-business owners as well as SMEs & Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Our Website Optimization Experts have hands-on experience while delivering successful search engine rankings for our clients.  Each of our team member has verified experience and can help you chalk out best strategy for Search Engine Optimization of your website.
  • We have extensive experience in Local Business Optimization and have helped our clients to rank their local listings on top of Google search results.
  • We have helped to identify critical SEO Issues which helped our clients to recover from Google Penalties (Penguin and Panda Hit websites).
  • Our client is an important client whether you select lower or higher SEO plan, you get same level of services. The number of keywords increase with higher plans.
  • We offer FREE Website Design, Development and Maintenance Services with selected Packages. Therefore, you don’t have to hire additional staff to carry out on-page website optimization activities. Our in-house team of expert developers will handle all your issues related to website re-design, or maintenance.
  • Local Business Optimization is now an integral part of SEO. Our SEO Plans offer complete Local Business Optimization and Marketing services encompassing crucial elements of Local Business and addressing issues such as NAP Consistency, NAP Syndication, Social Reputation Monitoring any many more.

FAQ related to SEO & SEM Services

Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services

website seo indiaOutsourcing SEO to India gives you a winning edge over your competitors because you get Efficient SEO services at an economical price. You can focus on your day to day business activities while your outsourcing company focuses on your SEO progress. While Some Business invest in outsourcing their SEO requirements, there are Businesses which have apprehensions when it comes to outsourcing SEO. Some Big Multinationals can hire full-time SEO staff to take care of their SEO needs. Whereas there are small businesses which cannot afford to hire full-time SEO staff OR does not wish to invest resources into hiring additional staff. This is where Outsourcing your SEO can help.   Read More: Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services to India

Has Website Optimization and Ranking Techniques Changed in 2015 ?

sem marketing in 2015Yes, it has indeed. However, it will change in 2016, 2017, and so on. The Key to success in SEO is not to solely “CHASE” the SEO, but to follow your heart while promoting your website online. Also, make sure to read latest Google guidelines. Sometimes there are updates which are relevant to your business and you need to keep your website updated with latest trends. There are numerous cases where website on-page errors has resulted in serious drop in rankings. You need to ensure your website has no technical and design errors when viewed from different devices such as Mobile, iPad, Desktop, and Notebook. Present best content to your visitors. Engage with your customers on social media sites. You will gain plenty of Positive Signals which will help your website to gain higher SEO rankings on search engines. However, you need to keep a watch on the latest updates and happenings in the search engine industry. It will help your website to gain better visibility on search engines. Website Design, Development and Marketing Company, SEO India BSolutions will analyze your website in detail and will give you detailed report regarding issues which might be interfering with your Website’s rankings on search engines.

Our Speciality

Google Plus, Facebook social-media-optimizationand Social Media Signals are all the latest Ranking Factors which impact your rankings in 2015.  Followers/Views on popular social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus are indeed part of Social Media Signals which Google has started to prioritize over all other Search Engine Factors. Our speciality lies in wide range of Marketing Services which directly impact Search Engine rankings of your website. Plus, you get top-notch website design, development and maintenance services. SEO Optimization of your website is a continuous process which encompasses various on-page and off-page activities which needs to be synchronized and kept in activity loop. In Simple Words, We deliver Every Single Solution you need for your Website which includes web design, development and SEO Marketing of your website. Our Social Media Marketing Services will improve your Social Media Signals. Read More: Are Social Media Signals part of Google Ranking Mechanism?

SEO Pricing

website optimization pricing in indiaThis is one of the most common questions we get – specifically from small business owners – is, “What does SEO cost?”. SEO Optimization Services for less number of keywords does not mean that it will cost less. Sometimes you are targeting a highly competitive keyword which could be few in numbers. On the other hand you might want to optimize website for multiple low-competition keywords. Therefore, we offer customized plan and packages to each of our clients which has helped our clients to generate quality sales, leads and queries through effective Search Engine Promotion. Each Website is unique and each website has a unique requirements related to SEO. We provide customized quote for each and every client. Our SEO Plans start from $195-$495/Month depending upon requirements of our clients. Whether you are a small business owner or an established business owner, you can always rely on the expert team of BSolutions Technologies. We have delivered top-notch services to our clients whether they are small, mid-size enterprises or a multinational Company. Having experience of 10 Years in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, we offer top-notch SEO services to clients worldwide.

What is Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird?

google panda penguinThese are merely updates carried out by Google which is one of the most popular search engine. Every search engine including Google, Yahoo and Bing needs to be continuously improved to incorporate new technologies and new social trends. If or is gaining importance, then Search Engines will have to find a way to gather Social Media Signals. Google Panda update was done to counter websites with poor content. Websites with poor or duplicate content were regularly exploiting search engine optimization process and Google Panda succeeded in suppressing these websites. Google Hummingbird update was done to improve search engine results.  The Penguin update was done to counter websites which relied heavily on SPAMMING techniques such as excessive Keyword Density, using Duplicate Content on your website or Posting Objectionable material OR Pirated Material on your website In fact, Google introduced DMCA/Pirate Update somewhere in October 21,2014 which was aimed at combating software and digital media piracy. Each and every day Google receives several hundred lawsuits where it is asked to remove objectionable content or pirated content from the search results. Google is working hard to incorporate updates which will help to identify and filter-out spam websites from Google search results. As long as your SEO team is adhering to the SEO guidelines you are not required to bother about these minor updates. Our client websites have ranked high on Google top pages. With each and every update in Google whether it was Panda, Penguin or any other, our client websites ranked even higher on search engines. Get in touch with our search engine promotion experts for a FREE WEBSITE SEO REVIEW. We will analyze your website in detail and let you know if there are any issues specific to these latest updates by Google. We will also chalk out an effective SEO strategy to help your website bounce back on top pages of Google if you feel that your website has been affected by any of these recent updates by Google. Sometimes websites have technical issues due to which they are flagged by Google. On other occasions websites are not mobile-friendly which is an important ranking factor in the current scenerio. We will help to identify all such issues and will help your website to retain its lost rankings due to recent updates by Google. Our Search Engine Promotion services will enable your website to rank higher on search engine

Is Google Local Optimization different from Regular Search Engine Positioning?

local business seo firmGoogle Local Business Optimization is crucial for the success of your business website if you are offering services within a particular State/City. There are business websites which might have their client located anywhere across the globe. Take for example, an anti-virus software such  as “Norton Antivirus cannot be restricted to any 1 particular geo location. This software has to be promoted on every single search engine whether it is,, or just any other country extension. On the other hand, there are businesses which offer website within 1 specific geo location, state or city. Take for example, Plumber, Electricians, Locksmiths, Attorneys,Dentists etc. Their services remain concentrated within 1 particular region. These businesses should take full advantage of the local business optimization and marketing by ensuring that their local listing or business website shows on top page 1 of Google whenever someone is searching for keywords like ‘New York Attorney, Texas Electrician, Locksmiths in London, UK. BSolutions, India has experience of more than 6 years in Local Business Optimization. From ensuring consistency in NAP, to optimizing local listings for top rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing, we offer a complete Local Business Optimization and Promotion services.

What Guarantee does BSolutions offer to its Customers?

guaranteed seo servicesWe have helped our clients to improve their website visibility on popular search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is getting more and more complex and every single business is pushing their website for the top slots on search engines. We offer Money-Back Guarantee with each of our SEO Plans. So get in touch with our SEO experts for 100% complete satisfaction. Along with money-back guarantee, you will receive Top-Notch services when you opt for any of our SEO plans. Even our basic SEO Plans will Greatly improve your rankings on search engines. In case you are skeptical about outsourcing you can opt for our basic SEO Plans starting from $195/Month. Once you notice improvement in rankings, you can opt for higher SEO Plan targeting more keywords.

Should I buy a New Domain with a Keyword or use existing domain without keyword?

Search Engines such as Yahoo/Bing give preference to Keywords in the domain. However, Google gives priority to the domain-age. While deciding a domain name, I would personally never recommend to use a Main Target Keyword as the Main Domain. If you are a small-business where you offer services such as “Personal Injury Lawyer in Arizona, US”, you can opt for domain name such as azinjurylawyer dot com. It will help your rankings. Keep it short and precise. Don’t go for long keywords. They will prove detrimental to your rankings. However, going with the new domain has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. Google does not trust new websites easily. So it can easily take 3-5 Months (min) to rank a new domain on search engines. If you are unsure about domain you need to choose, speak with SEO Experts, BSolutions India and we will help you select best domain for your chosen keywords. Whether you use an existing domain or new domain it does not matter much. Although older domains get more preference by Google, but it is not that difficult to optimize a brand-new domain on Google or any other search engine. If your SEO team is optimizing website with latest techniques and guidelines, it will help your website to rank high on search engines irrespective of its age.

How Long does it take to rank for a particular keyword?

The Answer to this question is not as easy as it seems. There are lot of factors which decide the timeline of any SEO project. If you wish to optimize your website for a ‘2 phrases’ competitive keyword then you have to prepare for a 4-6 Months of optimization. If you are aiming for a ‘3 phrases’ keywords then you can expect anywhere in between 3-5 months. However, if 3 phrases keyword is more competitive than ‘2 Phrases’ Keyword then it will take longer to optimize website for 3 Phrases keyword. Competition for a given keyword decides the actual timeline of any given SEO project. If there are 100s of websites aiming for the targeted keyword, then you will have to prepare for a 4-6 or maybe 4-8 Months of optimization. SEO Firm India, BSolutions will give you best approximate timeline within which we will deliver rankings for your website.

Should I hire someone to do the Website Optimization or Outsource to India ?

hire sem indiaWhether you hire In-House or Outsource SEO does not matter. What matters is the expertise of person you have hired. Costing is another crucial factor. There are SEO companies which charge upto USD 5,000-10,000/Month upfront but ultimately outsource their client SEO services to India. Our team of Search Engine Promotion specialists will provide you best customized SEO solution which will help to improve your website rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any selected search engine. For Big companies hiring an in-house search engine promotion and optimization staff is not a problem. However, start-ups and small businesses cannot afford to hire in-house staff and it is best to outsource SEO services to India. Read more: Benefits of Outsourcing SEO to India

What are the key elements of SEO Process?

On-Page and Off-Page are the 2 Basic elements of success behind Search Engine Optimization. On-Page Optimization includes optimizing meta tags, content and various other elements of your website HTML code.  Off-Page Optimization involves building quality back-links from popular social media sites and building overall popularity of your business website on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. On-Page SEO Elements such as Meta Description tag is a way to present synopsis of your webpage. It is a way to provide a summarized text which reflects your webpage. Meta Description is important because it can help to improve CTR (Click Through Rate). Compelling Meta Description tags can greatly enhance the rate at which your visitors will click on your website while searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing. BSolutions, India offers expert on-page and off-page Optimization services with each of our SEO plans.

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