Social Media Signals

Search Engines seems to be facinated by Social Media and Networking Sites. However, search engines are focused on gathering quality backlinks as well as social signals from Social Media Sites. Building several hundred backlinks and having absolutely no social signal from Social Media Sites Or High Authority Social Bookmarking sites can actually raise eyebrows. Google and other search engines have grown their capabilities to literally penetrate several networks and sites to collect information. Social Media sites are also being scanned by search engines and social signals. However, search engines are restricted due to privacy settings and other settings which prevents them from gathering every single data.

What is Google’s Stance on Social Media Signals?

If you have an social signal on Facebook or Twitter pointing to your website, then search engines including Google might not be able to access it due to privacy settings. There are social media profiles which are blocked from Public. However, if social signal is accessible to search engines then it can really help in rankings as well.