domain registration fraud

Domain Registration is as simple as creating an email address for your business or personal use if you are well versed with the registration process. However, there are few instructions which needs to be followed in order to ensure that you get domain which you are looking for and you get the ownership over the domain.

While registering any domain you have to make sure that you follow these guidelines:-

a) Register your domain through an ICANN Accredited domain registrar [Always] – ICANN Stands for The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – ICANN is a nonprofit organization that basically deals with all the stuff related to domain names. It maintains a database of different domain extensions [.com,.net] and its owner details.

You can find a list of various ICANN Accredited Domain Registrars at link: Visit Now

Some of the Top Domain Registrars in the world are as below:-





Some big companies like Yahoo are also offering Domain Registration Services. Visit

Always register your domain through ICANN Accredited Registrar. This is the company which registers your domain online.If your domain is purchased through, then Godaddy is not the owner of your domain. It is just a service provider. You can change domain provider in case you are not satisfied with their service. You can transfer your domain from to another service provider such as and vice versa. This transfer process is a complicated process and it must be handled by an experienced webmaster. You can compare costs of different domain registration providers and select the best one which suits your requirements.

How to Register a Domain ?

You can go to any of the ICANN Accredited domain registrar website and search for your domain. If domain is available you can click on next, and enter your details such as personal details and payment details. Your account would be set up and you will receive an email confirming your domain registration.

What are WHOIS Details ?

Once you register your domain through ICANN Accredited or any other service provider always make sure that WHOIS details are pointing to your Personal or Business Address. WHOIS (pronounced as the phrase who is) is a query and response protocol that is widely used for querying databases that store the registered domain owners. WHOIS Details offer you detail such as

1) Registrant (Registrant Contact) – The organization or person that has the rights to use (or “ownership” of) the domain.

2) Admin (Administrative Contact) – Contact person for the domain for administrative, non-technical matters. Example, for legal matters, change of ownership, etc.

3) Technical (Technical Contact) – Contact person for domain’s technical matters. Any technical issues are emailed to the .

How to Check WHOIS Details ?

You can check Whois Details by visiting website : . Always make sure that your correct details are showing up under the WHOIS details section.

How to Avoid Domain Registration Fraud

There are instances where someone hires a webmaster or web company to register a domain on their behalf. After about 2-3 Years, owners are forced to shell out in-exorbitant amount of money or their domain is confiscated. on various occasions domains are transferred to someone else or sold-off to another individual/company without knowledge of the website owner.

Always make sure that Domain WHOIS details are showing your correct details. Your Name/Organization, Email, Phone and Address must be accurate. If there are any changes in the domain such as Domain Transfer initiated, then Email would be sent to registrant email.