hacker seo

Hacking is one of the technique which can literally destroy your website rankings on search engines. If your website is ranking on top and you think that you are immune to any updates by Google, then you are wrong. You need to continuously monitor your website for any unusual visitor pattern or user behavior. You need to make sure that your Hosting, Domain and CMS is highly secure and does not offer any loopholes which could be exploited by hackers.

There are multiple websites which are hacked each and every day. You can keep your website secure by doing simple things as given below:-

a) Take regular back-ups of your website every fortnight.
b) Avoid changing your web-managers every single month. Hire 1 Company to handle your website maintenance and give all the responsibility to 1 single Company. Avoid sharing your Website Hosting, Domain and other important key information with every other developer you find.
c) Keep your CMS upto date which will help to avoid Brute-force attacks.
d) Regularly monitor your content to make sure it is not being copied by your competitors. Also make sure that your content is not being published to other websites from your vulnerable RSS Feeds.

Hacking can seriously damage your website’s reputation online as well as your rankings on search engines.

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